Global Services

With you on every step of your digital journey

You know your business better than anyone. The key is to understand the content services capabilities that will best serve your people and processes.

Hyland Global Services is here to guide you to success with content services and strategic data delivery — helping you to achieve your goals, optimize business processes and transform customer experiences.

We look forward to meeting with you virtually at CommunityLIVE!

The right resources

Even the most self-supporting organizations are increasingly finding that rapidly evolving technologies, industry standards and regulations present challenges to optimizing their Hyland solutions at the pace they need. And rapidly evolving customer expectations of mobility, immediacy and security present even more challenges.

We can help. Take the opportunity at CommunityLIVE to virtually connect with our Global Services experts about our Managed Services.

In a Managed Services engagement, our content services experts do the heavy lifting of Hyland solution maintenance and ongoing optimization of configurations, including integration, development, automation and industry-specific consulting.

A simple, proactive way to rapidly achieve successful outcomes with your existing Hyland technology, our Managed Services tiered offerings also enable you to have the level of service and schedule that meet your operational requirements.

"I was able to focus on my priority projects…so working with Hyland [Managed Services] was almost like having an extra worker that was available as I needed.”

Mapping your journey

Many organizations want to take the next steps toward transformation, but may not know which path is the right one to best capitalize on their technology infrastructure, organizational goals, customer expectations, evolving requirements and service level agreements (SLAs).

With comprehensive Information Assessments and Strategic Workshops, our industry-specific consultants help you understand where you are in terms of today’s digital maturity benchmarks, and provide recommendations and the roadmap to get where you need to be.

At CommunityLIVE, you can schedule meetings with our Global Services consultants or connect with experts in the CommunityCENTRAL virtual booth to learn how we can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals with your Hyland platform.

Premium Subscription

One yearly subscription provides your entire Hyland team on-demand access to the best training for their role – from administrators to end users to solution developers. Receive a 20 percent discount on Premium Subscription with the Complete or Essential package at CommunityLIVE.

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Simplify projects

It’s not a matter of if, but when, you are going to have to take on a data conversion project. Digital capabilities are transforming industry benchmarks for service delivery at an unprecedented rate. We are seeing an increasing need for organizations to consolidate content repository silos, as well as convert large volumes of data from outdated systems to their Hyland platforms.

Talk to us about your current conversion efforts or goals. Our conversion experts understand the challenges you face and can share with you proven methodologies honed over more than 20 years of successfully extracting and transforming data for optimal use.

Guiding your success

Hyland understands that the efficiency at which you must deliver solutions to meet user needs is unprecedented. Opportunities are everywhere, but so are conflicting priorities, evolving security requirements and regulatory mandates.

And we know it’s about more than software. We have spent decades learning the impact that technology can have on your people and processes, and understand the impact that change management and executive-level support of technology initiatives have on organizational success.

No matter where you are in your journey, or how expansive the reach of your content services solutions, we are here for you to ensure your diverse technology platform is well-positioned for secure, ongoing performance and meeting your evolving needs.