Engage with Hyland’s connected healthcare experts and network with industry peers at CommunityLIVE.

Hyland is excited to partner with you on your journey to re-imagine healthcare in an increasingly digital world. CommunityLIVE is an opportunity for us to work together as partners and pave the future through collaborative learning and exchanging of ideas. 

The healthcare track at CommunityLIVE will help you define strategies to operate more effectively to address the clinical, financial and operational needs of your organization. 

Discover these additional  opportunities to enrich your experience at CommunityLIVE:

  • Network with peers in the healthcare Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts (VOGUE). 
  • Learn how to optimize clinical workflows and information visibility by leveraging both content services and enterprise imaging.
  • Connect with other Hyland Healthcare customers and hear their best practices.
  • Discover ways to transform your health information management efficiency.
  • Learn how medical imaging technology is evolving to meet your needs.
  • Talk with Hyland Healthcare experts and see solution demos in CommunityCENTRAL.

Please join your healthcare peers and Hyland experts at CommunityLIVE!


CommunityLIVE provides the cure for whatever your Enterprise Content Management ailments are and adds a dash of professional inspiration that is sustaining!”

Louis Turner, PeaceHealth