Perceptive Content

Unlock your Perceptive Content solution’s full potential. At CommunityLIVE, you can:

  • Attend dedicated Perceptive Content sessions
  • Gain valuable insight from Hyland experts into the latest product enhancements, strategies and training
  • Hear from your Perceptive Content peers about how they’ve improved their own solutions and the lessons they’ve learned   

Maximize your Perceptive Content solution to adjust to today’s evolving business environment with enhanced capabilities across the Hyland platform.
Learn more about:

  • Hyland RPA for simple, low-code process automation and integrations
  • Content Composer for streamlined customer communications management (CCM)
  • Enterprise Search for finding information across various locations and repositories
  • Brainware for intelligent capture, data extraction and validation
  • ShareBase for sharing and collaborating with stakeholders inside and outside your organization

Highlighted learning track: Business transformation

Explore insights and best practices from industry thought leaders on transformative topics like:

  • Trends impacting content services strategy
  • Elevating experiences for all stakeholders 
  • Planning for new cybersecurity threats