Explore CommunityCENTRAL where you’ll find industry, product and solution exhibits, sponsor booths with access to videos, handouts and so much more.


CommunityCENTRAL is your information and networking hub, featuring industry, product and solution showcases from Hyland, as well as opportunities to interact with our valuable sponsors.

You’ll find pre-recorded videos and demos, document storage, surveys and live chat functions, as well as a virtual photo booth where you can create a customized headshot to add to your profile, share with other attendees and use throughout your social networks. New this year are 30-minute roundtables, perfect for sharing knowledge. Staff and attendees will also be able to post messages and respond to comments in the new message board feature. (Live chat and networking features are not applicable for on-demand.)

CommunityCENTRAL hours (all times in EDT)

  • Wednesday, October 13: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Thursday, October 14: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • Friday, October 15: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Looking for even more interaction with booth staff and fellow attendees? Visit the new CommunityCENTRAL Presentations area where you’ll find product demos, discussion groups and more.

  • Alfresco Content Services
    Access critical business content with an open, cloud-native content services platform. Stop by to learn more about how Alfresco’s modern architecture allows you to address rapidly evolving business needs with engaging user experiences.
  • Capture Lounge

    Explore all the options Hyland offers for information and content capture, including Brainware intelligent capture and the Hyland Experience Capture application. Engage with Hyland Capture developers and experts about your capture needs.

    Capture Lounge, sponsored by
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  • Content Composer | CCM
    Now more than ever, customer experience is top of mind for organizations. Effective customer communication management (CCM) is a critical component of that experience. Join the conversation with Hyland experts focusing on the power of automated, rule-based correspondence with the Content Composer CCM solution.
  • Customer Success
    At Hyland, we are committed to the success of our customers and continue to invest in opportunities to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Hyland experience. Please stop in to share your experiences and feedback!
  • Finance and Accounting Solutions
    The Finance and Accounting Lounge features new and enhanced Hyland technologies and introduces you to customers who have utilized our innovative tools to transform their businesses. See how technologies like AP automation, robotic process automation, workflow automation, business process automation and Blockchain are transforming accounting processes. Check in to learn about how our ERP integrations make deployment simple, and see the gains your peers are making with Hyland technology.
  • Financial Services Solutions
    Welcome to the Financial Services solutions booth at CommunityLive! We help Financial Services organizations deliver outstanding digital experiences to their customers through innovative business solutions and automated processing capabilities.
  • Government Solutions
    Welcome to the Government solutions booth! Join the discussion with Hyland industry experts on how to meet today’s challenges of modernization, compliance and constituent needs while laying the foundation for simplified, streamlined and digital government.
  • Higher Education Solutions
    Welcome to the Higher Education solutions booth! Chat with Hyland industry experts on how to automate processes, improve efficiencies and enhance the student experience across the digital campus — from advancement to enrollment management to student affairs.
  • Human Resources Solutions
    The Human Resources Solution Lounge features new and enhanced Hyland technologies and introduces you to customers who have utilized our innovative tools to transform their businesses. See how technologies like robotic process automation, cloud collaboration and workflow automation are transforming remote work, electronic onboarding and employee file management. Stop by to find out how our HRM integrations make solution deployment simple, and see the gains your peers are making with robust business process automation technology.
  • Hyland Cloud

    Discover the benefits of the Hyland Cloud. Talk with our experts to learn how the Hyland Cloud can deliver your content services solutions safely and dependably while reducing risk, saving money and freeing up time for your staff.

    Hyland Cloud, sponsored by

  • Hyland Community
    Hyland Community is an online resource that provides both technical and business professionals with account information, online support, and best practices to make the most of their Hyland products and solutions. Community members share knowledge, collaborate with peers, and interact with Hyland experts. Visit the booth to ask your Hyland Community questions, offer feedback, and learn how to get the most from your membership!
  • Hyland Corporate Responsibility
    We are excited to share our commitment to giving back with our CommunityLIVE attendees. Learn more about the three organizations we will be supporting at this year's event.
  • Hyland Experience Center

    The Hyland Experience Center offers customers and prospects a first-class introduction to Hyland. Tour the campus, meet with company executives, and even begin building your first solution with the experts.

    Hyland Experience Center, sponsored by

  • Hyland Global Services
    Welcome to the Global Services booth! Join the discussion with Hyland experts on today’s challenges of remote work, moving to the cloud and choosing the right technology roadmap. Engage with our industry-specific professional services consultants who are here to help you achieve your goals on every step of your digital transformation journey.
  • Hyland Healthcare

    Find out more about how Hyland Healthcare’s content services and enterprise imaging solutions connect unstructured patient information to core clinical and business systems across the healthcare organization. Chat with industry experts about the solutions that improve clinical and business decision making.

    Hyland Healthcare, sponsored by


  • Hyland RPA
    Hyland RPA is a comprehensive robotic process automation (RPA) solution with everything your organization needs to reach the full potential of RPA technology — from process analysis to bot management. Hyland RPA takes the best of process automation and integrates it into a leading content services platform, further optimizing your content and process solutions.
  • Hyland Training
    Welcome to Hyland Training! We are here all week to chat with you about your specific solution goals and the best training plan to meet them. Let us know when you'd like to meet – we'll schedule it!
  • Insurance Solutions
    Welcome to the Insurance solutions booth at CommunityLIVE! We empower insurance organizations with innovative business solutions and automated processing capabilities to help you deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Low-code Application Building: WorkView, Workflow and Forms
    Discover the power of building applications with Hyland’s low-code toolset. Join the conversation with Hyland experts focusing on the power of combining forms, Workflow and WorkView capabilities to create dynamic solutions for your organization.
  • Nuxeo
    Nuxeo goes beyond the world of traditional digital asset management (DAM). Manage digital assets with a full-featured range of DAM functionality, and so much more. Searching and storing rich media assets is just the beginning. Now, accelerate product development and leverage every step in your creative value chain using the Nuxeo platform. There’s a better way to manage your creative and product content — and Nuxeo is the only DAM system that does it all.
  • OnBase Fundamentals
    This booth is dedicated to anything and everything OnBase! Chat live with experts or explore resources on your own. Topics include: OnBase Clients (Thick, Unity, Web), Mobile Access, OnBase Video, Document Packaging and Composition, Full-Text Search, Reporting Dashboards and more. You’ll also find information on new Hyland UI apps like AP Invoice Approval, Combined Viewer and Quick Access.
  • OnBase Governance Lounge
    The Governance Lounge is your one-stop-shop for all things OnBase retention and records management at CommunityLIVE! Learn about the many ways OnBase can help you reduce risk and increase compliance, including Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS).
  • OnBase Integrations
    OnBase offers a number of tools to help you connect your business systems and keep them in sync. From Application Enabler to the Hyland REST APIs, there are many options available to create connections between systems when a purpose-built integration does not exist. Learn about them here!
  • OnBase Upgrades, Migration and Deployment
    Browse resources to learn about OnBase architecture, identity, change control, upgrades, migration tools, application security and more. Hyland technical experts will be available to chat and answer all of your questions.
  • Perceptive Content: Experts and Resources
    Explore opportunities to expand and enhance your Perceptive Content solution. Take advantage of resources and consult with experts about incorporating new features, improving process efficiency or plans to extend the platform in your organization.
  • Try.Hyland.com
    Try.Hyland.com offers a hands-on opportunity for you to try live software in a risk-free environment and see how various solutions can be used to solve your business challenges. By the way, it's free and continually expanding.

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“I wasn't sure how virtual would be, but surprisingly, I was renewed and rejuvenated, and I feel like I fit way more learning in without moving around a conference center. Great job getting the virtual part to be so flawless!”

Terri Maguire, North Star Mutual Insurance Company