Business Transformation

Gain insights and ideas to meet rapidly shifting business and IT dynamics. Hear from Hyland experts and industry thought leaders on relevant and innovative topics, including customer and employee experience, cybersecurity, AI and the evolution of content services. 

Dedicated Business Transformation track

Explore the topic designed to support your larger digital transformation objectives:

  • Top trends shaping the market: Why content platforms belong in your future-fit technology strategy
    Companies with a solid content services strategy fared better than their peers in adapting to the challenges of 2020 and 2021. Organizations need to keep looking ahead and invest in future-fit technologies that help them become more adaptive, creative, and resilient. Content management is part of this strategy. Attend this session to hear Forrester Principal Analyst, Cheryl McKinnon, share recent research highlighting the top five trends to watch. Understand how content contributes to business transformation and how to put documents and processes to work in new ways.
  • Reinventing the employee experience 
    Even with ever-improving consumer applications and experiences (CX), little effort has been given to improving employee applications and experiences (EX). As more people work from home, that is something that needs to change. In this session, we will discuss how to apply the lessons of CX to the world of the EX, transforming how we approach information management and collaboration in this increasingly remote and hybrid working world.
  • Moving beyond traditional content management thinking: The power of the platform

    Are you a “platform thinker”? With an extensible platform at the heart of their content-based workflows, organizations can call upon a panoply of interoperable services that enhance core capabilities, helping them get more value from their content assets by leveraging capabilities in case management, intelligent automation, AI-powered capture and search, etc. And it doesn’t end there. With the platform established, easier integration beckons from across the local business application architecture, and also that of key partners.

    But to succeed, both the end-user organization and their technology partner need to subscribe to “platform thinking." In this session, find out what makes a good “platform player” and the benefits that brings, what to look out for, what to avoid, and what to do next (and why).

  • Four traits of an innovative CX leader

    Great customer experience (CX) is all about building a strong relationship with the customer that provides them with the service they expect, while driving revenue for the organization. To do that, we need innovative CX leaders that can take a more holistic view of the overall process. This session will outline four traits that the best CX leaders consistently demonstrate that help their organizations deliver best in class customer experiences, as well as technologies that help organizations improve CX.

  • Tackling today’s cybersecurity landscape: Building a defense that lasts – presented by TrustedSec
    The increased amount of data breaches are reaching a critical mass with no sign of slowing down. Organizations often struggle to maintain programs and approaches that can adapt and move fast based on ever-changing adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures – whether it’s a ransomware group or nation state. In this session, Dave Kennedy, CEO and founder of TrustedSec, a leading information security consulting firm, will dive into the characteristics of today’s attackers – how they’re going after both organizations and individuals, and what you can focus on today to ensure you protect your organization and yourself from the latest threats and adversary groups.

Hyland Innovation track

CommunityLIVE also offers a track dedicated to future-looking innovations – the technology and thought leadership that shapes the evolution of your organizations’ digital strategy. These can’t-miss sessions delve into topics and discussions including:

  • AI and the art of the possible: A panel discussion
    Join AI thought leaders for a discussion about the power of AI today and into the future. Discover how Hyland already leverages this innovative technology to help organizations solve business issues and optimize processes. You’ll also learn about how you can get started on your own AI journey.
  • Operationalizing AI: A Hyland service

    Did you know that Hyland offers a workshop to help you identify how AI technology could benefit your organization? Come to this session to learn about this offering, and hear how other organizations have succeeded with AI. 

  • HxP: Accelerating Hyland's cloud platform

    Hyland’s born-in-the-cloud platform, the Hyland Experience Platform (HxP) will open up new possibilities for all Hyland customers. Come to this session to learn what the future will look like, how Hyland is accelerating execution and why you can plan for the future with confidence.

    This session will cover the future direction of Hyland, how Hyland's acquisitions are accelerating progress, and what this means now and in the future.

  • Fireside chat with product executives
    In this open discussion with a selection of Hyland’s product and cloud executives, you will have the opportunity to get answers to your questions. Discussion topics will include Hyland’s products, future direction, strategic initiatives and more. Bring your questions and join in the discussion!
  • Blockchain in a decentralizing world
    What is blockchain technology, and how is it changing the movement of value and trust around the world? What does this mean for incumbent organizations like governments, corporations, and financial institutions? Join Natalie Smolenski, anthropologist and business development lead, to learn how the world is changing and how we can all adapt.

Leveraging the Hyland portfolio

The Hyland platform helps leaders adjust to today’s new business environment with enhanced capabilities, from CCM to intelligent capture to robotic process automation (RPA). Learn more about:

  • Hyland RPA to further optimize your content and process solutions with an end-to-end suite of RPA tools that automate manual rule-based, high volume and repetitive data tasks
  • Brainware to augment your process automation strategy with intelligent capture, data extraction and validation
  • Content Composer for streamlined customer communications management (CCM) and improved customer experience

Engage with Hyland product experts in CommunityCENTRAL, where you can view demos and request live meetings!