• How long will on-demand access to CommunityLIVE content be available?

    On-demand access will be available through December 31, 2021.

  • When is Hands-on Technical Training? 

    Hands-on Technical Training courses for OnBase and Perceptive customers will take place Monday and Tuesday, October 11-12. Morning sessions will be held 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EDT. Afternoon sessions will be held 2:30 - 6 p.m. EDT.  The registration cost of $1,000 includes OnBase recertification opportunities and access to the main conference at no additional charge.

  • How do I log in when the conference begins?
    After your registration is complete, you will receive an email containing a confirmation number. Log in here using the email address you registered with and your confirmation number (click here to have it resent to you).  The confirmation number is case sensitive and ensure there are no spaces if you copy and paste.  Please check your email filters in case the email is being flagged. If you still need assistance, email us and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 
  • Where can I find my confirmation number?

    A confirmation email was sent at the time of registration to the email address you provided. Click here to have it resent to you. Please check your email filters in case the email is being flagged. If you still need assistance, please email us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

  • Will there be separate events in international time zones?
    For some regions, yes. For Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hyland Summit | EMEA, will be held virtually November 3-4, 2021.  For access to the most content,  you are welcome to join us for both CommunityLIVE and the events in your region. Contact your account manager for more details.
  • Am I automatically registered for the conference if I received an invitation?

    No. You still need to register. Please visit the Registration page to begin! 

  • Does registration only provide access to the person who registered?
    Yes, registration is unique per individual. Upon registration, you'll receive a confirmation code that will be used to log in to the virtual event. Registration login information may not be shared and only one device may be logged in at a time. Please see our Virtual Event Terms for more info.
  • I need help registering. Whom should I contact?
    Please email CommunityLIVE@Hyland.com for assistance.
  • What types of payment are you accepting for CommunityLIVE 2021?
    There is no cost to attend to the main conference, October 13-15. Attendees of Hands-on Technical Training, October 11-12, will be required to pay via credit card in our online registration system.
  • Are there any discounts available?  
    With no cost for the main conference and the reduced cost of Hands-on Technical Training, we will not be offering discount options in 2021.
  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Cancellations received on or before September 17, 2021, will be refunded in the full amount. Cancellations received after September 17 and on or before October 1, 2021, will be refunded at 50 percent of the registration cost. Any cancellation received after 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 1, 2021 will not be refunded.

  • Are there restrictions for Government/Public Sector employees?
    There may be giveaways and other items available at no additional charge during the event. It is the responsibility of all government or public sector employees, officials or their representatives to confirm that their attendance at this event is in compliance with all applicable statute, laws, regulations and employer’s policies related to gifts, meals, entertainment and ethics. By attending this event, you certify that your employer has approved your attendance at this event and that you will abide by all such laws and policies in connection with your participation.
  • When and where is CommunityLIVE 2022?
    CommunityLIVE 2022 is currently scheduled to take place September 11-15 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Sessions and training classes

  • Can I view a session recording if I am unable to attend at the scheduled time?
    All keynotes and most sessions at CommunityLIVE will be available on-demand within 24 hours after the session airs. You will also have access to select on-demand sessions and content through December 31, 2021. Please note that Hands-on Technical Training and some educational sessions will not be available on-demand after the conference.
  • How can I learn more about something I heard in sessions?
    Hyland exhibits will be available in CommunityCENTRAL. Please visit the industry or solution station related to your question and a Hyland expert will work with you to ensure you have all the information you need. There will also be a document library with content available for download.
  • How is the Monday-Tuesday training different from the Wednesday-Friday sessions?

    During the Monday-Tuesday, pre-conference hands-on training, in-depth, technical training classes are available. Each course is 3.5 hours and provides an opportunity for attendees to complete training exercises in a virtual environment, with a real-time Hyland instructor.

    CommunityLIVE offers educational sessions during the Wednesday-Friday portion of the event. These 30-minute informational sessions include product overviews, industry best practices and customer success stories. Additionally, you have access to self-paced labs during the event, where users can follow short training exercises within a real-time, self-guided environment.

  • If I am looking to recertify, what are the recertification requirements, and what accreditations can I recertify at CommunityLIVE?

    To ensure all Hyland-Certified Professionals uphold high performance standards, all Hyland recertifications provide accreditation for two years after the requirement has been met.

    The following recertifications are available at CommunityLIVE:

    OCSA (OnBase Certified System Administrator)
    Requirement: Attend the System Administration Recertification

    OCASA (OnBase Certified Advanced System Administrator)
    Requirement: Attend the System Administration Recertification

    OCWA (OnBase Certified Workflow Administrator)
    Requirement: Attend any course during the two-day technical training

    OCAWA (OnBase Certified Advanced Workflow Administrator)
    Requirement: Attend any course during the two-day technical training

    OCWV (OnBase WorkView Certification)
    Requirement: Attend any sessions during the two-day technical training

    OCSE (OnBase Certified Support Engineer)
    Requirement: Attend any course during the two-day technical training

    Visit the Register page for more details.

  • How do I change my Hands-on Technical Training classes?

    Visit the registration site and click on “Already Registered?” at the bottom of the page. Log in with the email address you used when registering for the conference along with your confirmation number. (You can find your confirmation number in the email you received upon registering for the conference. Or, click “Forgot your confirmation number?” to have it emailed to you.) Next, select “Modify” at the bottom left of the page to update your registration and change your class selections. For pages where no changes are needed, click “Next” to continue.

During the conference

  • Where can I experience face-to-face interaction?
    During CommunityLIVE, there are many networking opportunities to meet face-to-face during the week. Please visit CommunityCENTRAL for networking sessions and many activities happening within the booths. Be sure to visit the Experiences page for an assortment of fun activities throughout the main conference, Wednesday-Friday. 
  • What is Matchmaking?

    Matchmaking helps you find your people at CommunityLIVE! This feature is powered by AI to help you connect with other attendees who are aligned to your business goals and interests, industry, Hyland product and more. Once you are logged in to the event, simply set up your profile to opt in and select your preferences. For more information, view the Matchmaking FAQ.

  • Can another attendee contact me during the conference?
    Yes. Your fellow attendees have the ability to contact you when logged in to the event. You do have the option to ignore the message and not respond, but we also encourage you to network as much as possible during the virtual event for the best experience. If you encounter any issues with attendee interaction(s), please contact the Info Desk on the CommunityCENTRAL home page for assistance. 
  • What is CommunityCENTRAL?
    CommunityCENTRAL is the conference exhibit hall, featuring industry, product and solution showcases from Hyland, as well as opportunities to interact with our valuable sponsors. Bring your questions and network with product experts in this virtual exhibit hall.
  • What are self-paced labs?
    Self-paced labs provide hands-on time with Hyland solutions and let you work at your own pace and on your schedule. Self-paced labs are offered Wednesday through Friday.
  • What are the system requirements for a great conference experience?

    Please review system requirements here. Hyland does not accept responsibility for technical or connectivity issues preventing you from attending the event.