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Sharpen your Hyland solution expertise and renew certifications

Monday-Tuesday, October 5-6

Hands-on technical training provides the latest and greatest technical expertise in Hyland products and solutions. You’ll interact with expert engineers and trainers as you learn about trending topics, build solutions and renew select certifications from the comfort of your home or office. Once in session, virtual lab machines will be provided for hands-on learning.

Hands-on Training is included in the Complete package, with courses offered on Monday-Tuesday, October 5-6.

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Administration in the Hyland Cloud

Whether you’ve recently migrated to the Hyland Cloud or are rolling out your new hosted solutions, you may have questions like “What administration tasks are the same as when it was on premise?” or “Are there new tools to administer and grow the solution?” This course will outline the Cloud Architecture, things you can and should do yourself as well as when you should reach out to Hyland. Look forward to suggested tasks and duties to perform on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We'll also cover troubleshooting and maintenance tips, and how to plan for expansion.

Building your first workflow solution

Are you a system and workflow administrator who needs to maintain and build a workflow solution? If so, this course is for you. We’ll introduce you to OnBase Studio and how to create a basic life cycle in workflow. You’ll learn essential workflow functions such as ad hoc tasks, rules, actions and basic security in this hands-on approach to understanding the workflow interface, interactions and possibilities.

Building your First WorkView Solution: Configure Customized Fundamental Business Applications

In this course we will explore the very fundamentals of Workview. We begin the course with easy-to-follow labs designed to help the participants understand the parts of a WorkView Solution and learn the configuration of each one of those parts. In the last lab, we will build a Workflow Solution that routes a WorkView Object. This class is ideal for someone who wants to obtain a solid fundamental knowledge of WorkView.

Building your second workflow solution

If you have a basic understanding of how to build a Workflow solution – or, if you’ve learned the essentials in our "Building your first workflow solution" session – you'll be prepared to create your second workflow solution in this session. We’ll walk you through designing essential work balancing among multiple users, how to configure administration-level security and available methods to provide related items to your users so they can make more informed decisions.

Building your Second WorkView Solution: Expanding the Functionality of your WorkView Application

In this hands-on training session, we’ll go beyond the basics to explore advanced concepts like masking and sequences. Build a true solution with the WorkView | Case Manager rapid application development platform. Leverage Workflow along with WorkView to unite disparate data methods and take your solutions to the next level.

Comprehensive solution exploration and modification

Join us as we dive into an existing solution fully configured and ready to review and modify. Follow the Unity Form as it creates WorkView objects using workflow rules, actions, properties and timers. Modify the Document Composition template to include WorkView attributes and then have workflow create the documents directly for you. Follow the solution through completion and then view and modify the Reporting Dashboard to show the real time health of Park County’s Soil Samples OnBase Solution.

Email-driven workflow solutions

With recent changes in OnBase surrounding workflow and email, there is a far wider range of capabilities accessible by leveraging email and Workflow together. This course will explore how to effectively route email based on non-traditional information (beyond the from/to/subject line), how to craft email notifications for future ingestion, and how to ultimately allow users to control Workflow solutions through simple email messaging. We will cover elements of Mailbox Importer, Outlook Integration, Distribution Services, Workflow and WorkView. Come to see how email looks in workflow, but stay to learn how a single letter can drive workflow approval.

Empowering process owners: Designing Workview solutions for dynamic control

Do you receive many requests to update and change your WorkView solutions? Frequent changes to business rules by IT Administrators can be very costly in terms of resources and time. In this course participants will explore solutions where administration for business process owners can be built directly into the WorkView application. By moving this configuration into the client interface, business process owners will gain greater control over maintaining and updating business rules. This creative approach to building WorkView solutions will further evolve what is possible in your organization.

Introduction to Brainware: Using intelligent capture to automate your indexing

Dial-up internet, Beanie Babies, Zima and manual indexing. What do all these things have in common? They were cool in the 1990's. Welcome to the year 2020, where Brainware intelligent capture is the new indexing. If you are ready for the future, join us in this hands-on course where we will build the integration between OnBase and Brainware in OnBase Studio. In addition, you will get some introductory exposure to Brainware project configuration.

Introduction to OnBase Foundation REST APIs

With the changes in Hyland's approach to APIs, this course will help you step into Hyland's new API set. Introduced in Foundation EP2, the REST APIs allow you to directly interface with Documents and OnBase Workflow. With this extensive set of capabilities, organizations can now quickly and easily develop custom interfaces and applications that make use of the standardized REST architecture, using the language and platform of their choice to easily and reliably consume a RESTful Web service that integrates cleanly with OnBase solutions.

Introduction to Unity Forms: Empowering Businesses to Create Simple Forms

Forms are an everyday part of our business processes, and whether you're a business process owner, OnBase Administrator, or a forms developer, building feature rich forms is a cinch with the Forms Designer. This course will cover the basics of building a Unity Form; adding Keywords, choosing a theme, adjusting your layout with form controls, autofill functionality, creating multi-page forms, restricting access to form sections or pages with user group-based security and more!

Migrating to the Hyland Cloud

Join us as we talk through best practices, approaches and techniques to migrating your solutions to the cloud. Hosted by Hyland Cloud professionals, this session will help you prioritize, justify and plan your migration to Hyland's world-wide Cloud Services.

New architecture with Hyland Identity Provider (IdP) for OnBase Foundation

Looking to implement standardized authentication in your organization? This course will walk you through Hyland's Identity and Access Management (IAM) architecture for OnBase Foundation to help you provide unified authentication across all your Hyland Solutions.

OnBase 101: The end user experience

Welcome to the world of OnBase! This hands-on course will introduce you to the essential concepts of OnBase and take you on a tour of the major functional areas from a user perspective. You'll learn about the different clients, how they align with user needs and the capabilities available to users and process owners. We'll cover the options available to customize the experience, show how OnBase fits alongside other applications and explore the products and functionality that help create a business solution. Use this knowledge to quickly adapt to your changing business processes.

OnBase 201: A technical introduction to OnBase

Are you new to OnBase? Learn how to configure an OnBase solution in this hands-on session. We’ll start with a basic solution design and then move on to configuring keywords, document types, Unity Forms and even a basic Workflow. By the end of this session, you’ll have built an OnBase solution. Use this resource to guide you back at your organization when configuring a new OnBase solution, evaluating an existing solution or expanding your current OnBase solution.

OnBase administrators' handbook

What are the things that every administrator needs to know about successfully owning and growing your solution? What are the areas of functionality you never knew about or forgot existed that can help make your day to day administration easier? What do you need to pay attention to in order to ensure your solution stays up to date and meets user needs? This session will address these questions and more as we explore best practices and tips for OnBase administrators. We’ll look at common misconceptions that create barriers to user adoption and some of the techniques you can deploy to ensure the system runs smoothly for the times you are away from the office at. Join our OnBase professionals as they walk you through a day in the life of an OnBase administrator.

OnBase System Administration recertification

This course will explore the changes in OnBase as well as new features and best practices that will directly impact system administration. The class will also interactively explore areas of OnBase functionality and how they can be used to resolve user and organizational needs. Upon successfully completing this course, any individual who was or is an OnBase Certified System Administrator (OCSA) or OnBase Advanced System Administrator (OCASA) will have their certification status updated for an additional two years.

Perceptive Content Foundation and Experience Apps

Session Description Coming Soon!

Perceptive Content system administration: Next steps

So you've installed your Perceptive Content server and database. But what do you do next? How does it all stay running? What settings need to change as your solution and environment evolve? Check out a class that covers the general topology of your environment, the communication required to keep the solution running and initial troubleshooting steps to take when a problem occurs.

Recommended audience: On-premise customers. The majority of the class covers server side information and GCS customers would not have access to that environment.

Perceptive Content workflow level 2 tips and tricks

This course is designed for those that have built or modified an existing Perceptive workflow but would like to learn some tips and tricks associated with building a workflow process. We will cover such concepts as copying queues, creating a super queue based on Perceptive Content groups, out of office, routing between processes and more. We will also take time to discuss tips and tricks your peers have to offer.

Reporting Dashboards

As important as it is to manage and gather documents, data and processes, it is equally, if not MORE important to be able to report and analyze information to monitor your system and business health. In this introductory session, you will learn the basics of OnBase Reporting Dashboards and how to leverage its native functionalities to create dynamic, responsive and meaningful dashboards for your end users and stakeholders in record time.

Retention Policy Manager

Session Description Coming Soon!

Take Your Scan Queues to the Next Level with Capture Process Designer

Stop by and be amazed at the latest in Hyland Capture technology. If you haven't built scan queues in Studio yet, let's configure them together! In this hands-on course, you will see how logic and efficiency can be built into the document imaging world. We will also take time to highlight how Brainware can integrate with OnBase.

Troubleshooting OnBase Workflow: Escape room adventure

Our workflow is not working properly! If we don’t fix it soon, payroll won’t be done! In this escape room style session, learn how to troubleshoot workflow like a pro! Take a closer look at common workflow issues and errors in these fun, hands-on activities. Master the use of tools like Diagnostics Console, Diagnostics Service, Workflow Doctor, Workflow Trace and more to unlock clues to fix a broken Life Cycle - ensuring your team gets paid!

Workflow's latest enhancements: Learn the newest features and functionality of workflow

Workflow has grown substantially over the years. These changes modify not only workflow triggers, but introduce new functionality for handling keywords, designing and migrating solutions, and logging functionality. This course will cover not only the changes, but how to appropriately add them to new and existing solutions.

WorkView user interface and experience design

One of the most visible parts of your WorkView solution is the user interface. In this course participants will learn about general interface design best practices including examples of good and bad design. Next, participants will learn how to leverage Cascading Stylesheets to change the rules of how objects are displayed. Finally, the topic of Client-side JavaScript will be explored. This will include sample solutions commonly needed in most implementations.