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2019 Registration fees

Whatever conference pass you choose, registration includes:

Hyland customers & partners

  Early-Bird Standard On-site
Registration Now Open! Through July 17 July 18 - Sept. 14 Sept. 15 - 19
Best Value!
CommunityLIVE Five
(Sun - Thurs)
$2,395 $2,695 $2,995
(Tues - Thurs)
$1,995 $2,195 $2,495
Hands-on, Technical Training at CommunityLIVE
(Sun - Mon only)
$1,295 $1,495 $1,695

Non-customers & Non-partners*

Guest passes – Meals and evening events only

  Early Bird Standard/On-site
Full Guest Pass
(Sun - Thur, Daily Lunch and all Evening Events)
$300 $350
Sunday Guest Pass
(Sunday only, Lunch and Evening Event)
$100 $150
Monday Lunch Pass
(Monday Lunch only)
$30 $50
Tuesday Guest Pass
(Tuesday only, Lunch and Welcome Reception)
$100 $150
Wednesday Guest Pass
(Wednesday only, Lunch and Evening Event)
$100 $150
Thursday Guest Pass
(Thursday only, Lunch and Evening Event)
$100 $150

*Customers and partners are not permitted to attend the conference with a guest pass. Guest passes may only be used by friends or spouses, 21 and over, who are not employed by a Hyland customer or partner.

Payment information

If eligible, discounts may be combined.

Alumni — Save $200 if you attended CommunityLIVE 2014- 2018, or Inspire 2017. (If the discount does not automatically apply at registration, please contact for assistance).

Group 3+** — Save $200 per person when registering three or more paid* attendees at the same time for the same conference pass type (CommunityLIVE Five, CommunityLIVE, or Technical Training).

Group 10+*** — Save $400 per customer when registering ten or more paid* attendees at the same time for the same conference pass type (CommunityLIVE Five, CommunityLIVE, or Technical Training). Partners are not eligible for 10+ discount.

International — All non-U.S. registrants receive a discount off the current pricing. Simply select a non-U.S. country at the time of registration. The discount applies to the conference registration only and does not apply to guest fees, hotel, or airfare.

* All attendees counted towards the group discount must provide payment to be eligible. Attendees using free or greatly reduced courtesy passes will not count toward either group registration discount program.

** Please note: If you are registering multiple people online, in order for the automatic discount to work properly, all registrants must have the same admission item. If not, please contact for a manual code to register everyone separately.

*** Please note: Customers that plan to send 10 or more paying attendees to CommunityLIVE can request a discount code that they can apply during checkout. This discount is not available without a code. Please contact for your manual code. Partners are not eligible for this discount.

Attendees are responsible for ensuring discounts are added. If you feel you are not receiving all eligible discounts, please contact us for review at

Payment method

A credit card is required during the registration process. If your organization requires you to pay by invoice, please contact us at for instructions.

Registration opens this Spring. 2019 conference information is provided here for reference.