Get product demos and talk to solution experts, live and in-person.

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CommunityCENTRAL is THE place for 1-on-1 face time with product and solution experts and our various sponsors. This is where attendees can get a demo, ask questions and network with other CommunityLIVE attendees. CommunityCENTRAL will be packed with 40-plus expert stations, sponsor booths and Hyland resources. It’s also where attendees can unwind with a scavenger hunt to explore Hyland products and solutions and collect some fun flair.

Get a new headshot for your Community profile at our Global Customer Success headshot station sponsored by Opex, relax at one of our THREE lounges (the Tweet Suite, Capture Lounge or User Group Lounge), visit the Swag Shop to pick up some Hyland gear or stop by our Give Back Pack booth for a fun way to give back to the Cleveland Community!

CommunityCENTRAL is located in Exhibit Hall A in the Huntington Convention Center.

CommunityCENTRAL Hours:

  • Tuesday, September 17: 9:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 18: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 19: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

At CommunityCENTRAL

  • Capture Lounge sponsored by Fujitsu
  • Print & Scan Lounge sponsored by HP
  • Professional Headshot Station sponsored by OPEX
  • ShareBase Lounge sponsored by Fujitsu and Kyocera
  • Governance Lounge sponsored by Iron Mountain
  • Hyland Labs sponsored by Pandata and Robots and Pencils

Expert Stations

Capture Lounge sponsored by Fujitsu

Come explore all the options Hyland offers for information and content capture, including a preview of the upcoming brand new look and feel for Hyland’s capture offerings.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach at Hyland has always been driven by employees. This year, at CommunityLIVE, we're offering YOU the opportunity to give back! We're partnering with Shoes and Clothes for Kids in supporting Cleveland's students and teachers by packing swag bags with needed supplies for the school year. It's our goal to pack 500 bags by the end of the week - join us in the "Give Back Pack" and Make your Mark in Cleveland!

Content Composer/Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Learn about how Hyland Customer Communications Management solutions improve communications for a wide range of business processes, including marketing efforts, new product introductions, renewal notifications, claims correspondence and documentation, and bill and payment notifications. See how these applications support content creation and storage processes, as well as workflow and output management, helping organizations improve outbound communications with distributors, partners, regulatory bodies and customers.

Enterprise Search Financial Services Solutions

Financial institutions are dealing with the competing priorities of improving the customer experience, ensuring secure treatment of customer data, and finding operational efficiency within their organization. Core financial systems are key to this transformation journey, but still leave many gaps in these areas. Stop by our Financial Services booth to see how Hyland is helping hundreds of Financial Services customers unleash the full potential of their current and future technology investments, and the upcoming solutions that will drive value to your organization in the years to come.

Global Customer Success

Meet the experts who specialize in all things Customer Success!

The Hyland Community online resource provides both technical and business professionals with account information, online support, and best practices to make the most of their products and solutions. Members leverage Community to share knowledge, collaborate with peers, and interact with Hyland subject matter experts. Stop by the Hyland Community booth to ask your Community questions, learn how to leverage your Community membership, and preview exciting new features to come!

Our Customer Success Advisors act as advocates for our customers, seeking to strengthen our partnerships. Be sure to stop by, learn about this direct customer offering and find out how Customer Success can help your organization.

Whatever you call your organization’s Technical Support – miracle workers, code sleuths, problem solving wizards or Bob – pay a visit and get to know the people who make our lives so much easier!

Visit with members of the Customer Experience team to learn how all the feedback customers and partners provide is used to improve our products, services and the experience you have with Hyland.

Global Services by Hyland

Connect one-on-one with content services visionaries, industry-specific consultants and training experts at Hyland’s Global Services booth! Also, join us for our LIVE Leaders talks, where Hyland customers and leaders will give a 10-minute glimpse into their digital transformation journeys, and insights into strategic next steps for you to take.

Hyland Training

WIN BIG – and find the answer to all your organization’s training needs at the Hyland Training booth. Stop by and let’s figure out what will take your solution to the next level. There are customizable in-person or online options for all roles and technical skill levels. Plus, earn 20% off the role-based, industry-leading, and always available training suite, Premium Subscription.

Global Trade and Logistics Industry

This station will be staffed by industry experts from Hyland’s Global Trade, Transportation and Logistics industry team. Attendees will be able to discuss supply chain, logistics, and international trade solutions for their companies.


Visit with the Hyland Government team and check out all the solutions from our sessions, including Plan Review, Records and Public Access, Esri, Workflow, Unity Forms and WorkView. Discuss all the possibilities of Agenda, Minutes, Voting and Contract Management. Or, brainstorm your next project with our team and chat with your peers while we show some of the newest OnBase features.

Stop by our Government Solutions station to see the latest for our Agenda and Perceptive Content solutions.


Explore six Hyland Healthcare solutions: NilRead/ImageNext, OnBase Administrative, OnBase Clinical, OneContent, Acuo/PACsgear and Payer. Hyland provides connected healthcare solutions that allow organizations to harness unstructured content at all corners of the enterprise and link it to core clinical and business applications such as electronic medical record (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Hyland Healthcare offers a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools, putting clinical documents, medical images and more at the fingertips of the healthcare stakeholders that need it most. This comprehensive view of patient information accelerates business processes, streamlines clinical workflows and improves clinical decision-making.

NilRead station sponsored by 3D Systems. Other Healthcare Pavilion sponsors include: Change Healthcare, Concord Technologies, MediaQuant and NetApp.

Higher Education Solutions

The Hyland suite of solutions for Higher Education provides a platform to improve experiences for your students, faculty and staff by making it easier to share and use the information they need. Stop by to see how schools increase efficiency in all areas of campus, allowing them to spend their time on higher-value work like student outreach and strategic analysis. From the Student Lifecycle, Advancement and Donor Relations, and Finance to Human Relations, Facilities, Senior Administration and beyond, Hyland’s Higher Education Solution Catalog helps you build a roadmap to extend the value of your solutions. See our Higher Education solutions in action, and speak with our Account Management, Product, or Services teams about the many ways Hyland can help support your institution.

Hyland Cloud

Hyland is a cloud-first company. Our products and our platform leverage the power of the Hyland Cloud to bring you secure, safe and reliable content services solutions, across all of the industries Hyland serves. Whether you’re a cloud vet or a newcomer to the hosted world, we want to meet you. Please stop by to learn more about how we can help on your digital transformation journey!

Hyland Labs sponsored by Pandata and Robots and Pencils

Visit Hyland Labs to discover our vision of the future. Come check out prototype solutions and innovations never seen before. While you are there, try hands-on activities with current and modern technologies, conjure up your own ideas in our collaborative Idea Space, interact with our innovation sponsors in our Idea Alley, and share your experience with the Research and Development staff.

Hyland Swag Spot

It's not CommunityLIVE without some fun swag! Get your Hyland gear here!

Hyland User Groups Lounge

Join your Hyland peers at the User Group Lounge! If you are not yet a member of one of our Hyland User Groups, no problem - you can sign up in the Lounge. Swing by and pick up some swag, relax and network with your VOGUE/OSEG/PCAT/RUG peers. At the User Group Lounge, you will discover how Hyland customers come together to share ideas, create valuable dialogue, and provide feedback about utilizing our technologies to increase efficiency within their organizations. All customers are welcome!

Insurance Solutions

Take a moment to stop by the Insurance Expert Station to engage with our Hyland Insurance experts. Discover the latest Insurance solution developments, including the newest enhancements to the user experience with OnBase OnSite, our new virtual field inspection and evidence collection solution, customer communications management and the latest updates with our integration accelerators with core systems like Guidewire and Duck Creek.

LawLogix: Edge and Guardian

Attendees can learn more about Guardian, Hyland's I-9 and E-Verify product, and discuss the solution with experts as well as experience a live demonstration. LawLogix Edge users are also invited to attend our Power Users clinic here. Users can ask those unique and tricky system questions and get personal training on their specific Edge environment.

Print and Scan Lounge sponsored by HP Business Process Automation and Commercial Lounge

Accelerate departmental business processes across your organization - in any industry! Visit our station to see how you can expand Hyland's automation and content management capabilities to transform departmental operations like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Contract Management. Our experts can also tell you about the latest ERP and financial application integrations, or show you a preview of Hyland's upcoming Invoice Approval and Salesforce tools. Are you a ‘Commercial’ customer? Stop by the lounge to catch up with your account manager, chat with other attendees or simply rest your feet!

OnBase Architecture, Upgrades, Security and Change Control

Meet with Hyland experts to chat about Architecture, Change Control, Upgrades and Application Security. Representatives from Sales, Technical Support, Development and Services will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

OnBase Clients

You scanned, you stored and now you are ready to give access to your users… but with what interface? The experts at this station will help you navigate the OnBase client access options and help you understand the breadth of available interfaces to determine the best client and interface for your users.

In addition, experience the Combined Viewer, a paradigm for visualizing, navigating and personalizing large collections of documents, data and decisions. It brings everyday OnBase functionality — Custom Queries, Workflow, WorkView and Full-Text Search—into ONE customizable view.

Whether internal employees or external users, from indexer to executive, we will help you meet their needs!

OnBase Integration Tools

Explore all things integrations!

Web Services Publishing and Microsoft Office and Outlook: If you are looking to understand the ways in which Hyland can work with the Microsoft suite of products, check out the Integrations booth. The Integration for Office gives you the power of OnBase directly in your Office editor, while the Integration for Outlook brings OnBase business processes to employees working in their inboxes directly in Microsoft Outlook for Windows. You can also learn about other line of business integrations, like the integration for Esri, which allows you to link your GIS systems with OnBase and geo-enable your existing OnBase content. Let’s talk about everything from what we have now to what you would like to see.

The Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) is a component of system-driven integrations that provides a way to seamlessly integrate an organization’s line-of-business applications with OnBase. Stop by to find out how to efficiently integrate your applications with OnBase!

Application Enabler lets you seamlessly integrate core line-of-business applications with OnBase, improving employee efficiency by getting users the information they need faster, and in the context they need it. With Application Enabler, users can perform tasks directly from their line-of-business application. This includes retrieving documents and folders from OnBase, indexing documents, creating forms, and accessing Workflow. Application Enabler Live allows users to perform real-time document retrieval from an enabled line-of-business application.

Governance Lounge sponsored by Iron Mountain

Come visit the Governance Lounge, sponsored by Iron Mountain, to explore ways OnBase can help your organization securely store content, stay compliant with industry regulations and enforce internal policies. We will be unveiling our brand new solution Governance Rules as a Service, a direct integration between OnBase and Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution that aggregates relevant retention policies for you and applies them directly to OnBase content. Stop by to get a demo of the new solution. Also, check out demos of OnBase Records Management & Policy Administration.

OnBase Reporting

Get an in-depth look at how to gather insight into both process and system performance via Reporting Dashboards. Experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide support and demos specific to your OnBase solution.

OnBase Video

Learn more about OnBase Video, offering an elevated experience for managing and delivering multimedia content and creating additional opportunities to incorporate video and audio into critical business processes to provide additional visibility and support better decision-making. OnBase Video provides optimized upload, management and playback of multimedia content, and files are stored in the Hyland Cloud, eliminating the associated hardware and maintenance requirements. Automatic transcoding of video assets into a streamable format with multiple resolutions ensures support for a variety of devices and bandwidths. Utilizing standard OnBase search and retrieval methods, videos are accessed and directly streamed via the document viewer in both the Web and Unity clients, and video quality automatically adjusts to provide the best viewing experience.

Perceptive Content

Interact with Perceptive Content product experts and get a hands-on look at the latest release of the Perceptive Content platform and Perceptive Experience. Come with your questions and the experts in the station will be there to help you get the answers you need.

ShareBase Lounge sponsored by Fujitsu and Kyocera

Visit the ShareBase booth to learn more about Hyland’s cloud-based sharing and collaboration platform that helps OnBase and Perceptive customers send and receive information. ShareBase experts will be on hand to demonstrate the latest features and to provide you a preview of upcoming features. ShareBase Sponsors, Kyocera and Fujitsu, will also be on hand to showcase how their products work hand-in-hand with ShareBase.

OnBase Solution Building

At this station you will have the opportunity to see Workflow, WorkView, Unity Forms, and Image Forms demos and talk with experts about how you can use these tools to automate your business processes. Instead of buying niche apps or doing expensive custom development, use our solution building tools to build custom apps quickly. For those of you that use these tools every day, come check out the new features and talk with experts about your WorkView, Workflow, and Forms solutions.

Tweet Suite

Head to the Tweet Suite to relax and recharge! The Tweet Suite has couches and charging devices for you to kick your feet up or host a meeting. You can also view all the #CommunityLIVE social media activity on our large monitors. Don’t miss the selfie station!

More ways to CONNECT

While you’re at CommunityCENTRAL, make sure to stop by Tweet Suite to get social and share some of your favorite moments from the conference. We even put together a social media tips and tricks sheet for all things CommunityLIVE if you want to make sure your social game is strong!

Registration opens this Spring. 2019 conference information is provided here for reference.