All information is for the 2018 conference. CommunityLIVE 2019 is September 15-19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Registration opens in spring 2019.

Trending topics

Digital transformation

The journey to digital transformation

Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. And every organization is at a different place in their transformation journey, depending on overall business goals, technology investment and leadership vision. How can you contribute to your organization’s quest for digital transformation?

Whether you’re on the business or IT side of the house, equipping yourself with the knowledge you need to make recommendations for improving your solutions is key. Start by determining your most pressing goals, whether that’s streamlining processes to increase efficiency, consolidating a sprawling application landscape or improving ever-important customer experiences. Hyland has a portfolio of offerings – from long-established products to cutting-edge technologies to knowledgeable experts – to help you meet those objectives and become a champion for transformation.

How can I take my digital transformation initiative to the next level at CommunityLIVE?

Whatever your role, industry or focus area, you’ll find valuable sessions at CommunityLIVE that will propel you forward in your digital transformation journey. Some trending topics include:

  • Leveraging cloud technology and seeing what’s available with the Hyland Cloud
  • Optimizing processes with OnBase process automation capabilities, including Workflow
  • Embracing intelligent capture and AI with Brainware – including specific solutions for transcript and invoice processing
  • Empowering your users – and delighting your customers – with a case management approach, leveraging OnBase WorkView | Case Manager and supporting capabilities
  • Taking search to the next level with enterprise search capabilities, covering use cases like confidential information discovery
  • Bolstering your solution security and supporting compliance with initiatives like the new GDPR regulation
  • Teaming up with your partners in digital transformation at Hyland to assess your organization’s current health and collaborate on plans for future transformation

Also be sure to check out the Customer Success Track to hear how other organizations are tackling digital transformation across a variety of solutions and use cases!