All information is for the 2018 conference. CommunityLIVE 2019 is September 15-19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Registration opens in spring 2019.

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Manufacturing at CommunityLIVE

Engage with Hyland’s solution experts and share knowledge with industry peers.

Hyland solutions allow manufacturers to leverage the information and content relevant to their business in a central repository, empowering workers to make fast business decisions critical to their job responsibilities.

At CommunityLIVE, you’ll learn additional ways to support your solution expansion efforts across the enterprise and help you anticipate how your existing investment can bring more value to your organization. You’ll discover examples of solutions that your peers have been deployed and connect with other manufacturing, retail and related industry customers.

In addition to departmental shared services solution topics, discover these other opportunities:

  • Explore how back office solutions for AP, AR, HR and Contract Management add process efficiency
  • Discover ways to expand your Hyland solution beyond the back office
  • Attend the OnBase Solutions Expert Group (OSEG) session
  • Hear customer presentations and success stories
  • Hear about the latest in OnBase 18
  • Discover how ShareBase supports manufacturing organizations through secure content collection and sharing, and how shared documents easily transition from ShareBase to the OnBase repository to support digital transformation initiatives