All information is for the 2018 conference. CommunityLIVE 2019 is September 15-19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Registration opens in spring 2019.

Self-paced labs

Self-paced Labs are offered Tuesday – Thursday. Get hands-on training at your own pace on the following topics:

Advanced Capture

Begin building a template to be used to automatically extract values from a structured document. These values will be applied to OnBase keywords, automating the indexing of documents.

Agenda Management

Introduction to the OnBase Agenda solution. For any large organization, government or otherwise, that has the need to manage the meeting agenda creation process – this is the solution for you. In this lab, we’ll take you through some of the various roles in the typical agenda creation process. You will create and submit agenda items, approve those items via workflow, build a meeting agenda with those items and create and publish a complete meeting packet for the public.

Application Enabler

Configure Application Enabler to both retrieve and generate documents from a mock ERP application. Installation of the AE Client, configuring Hotspots and Application Enabler live will also be covered.

Application Plans/Learnmode - Intro

Allow users to retrieve content with a single click while in their familiar ERP system. Apply index values from data stored in the ERP to newly captured content without worrying about manual error or data consistency challenges.


Learn how to create AutoFill Keyword Sets within your OnBase system to assist your users in indexing. You’ll use an AFKS Processor, a COLD Processor and a Unity Form to get values for indexing into your system.

Capture Process Designer

Learn to design logic into your capture process in OnBase Studio using the Capture Process Designer to allow for more flexibility during processing. Control when documents undergo different types of processing including Workflow processing, using the Capture Process Designer.

Change Management

Learn how to easily create a test system that mirrors your production OnBase system. Importing and exporting configuration items from your test system to production will also be covered.

Checklists for Process Control

OnBase Checklists for Process Control is a packaged solution from Hyland that allows organizations to meet quality control objectives and ensure effective process completion by implementing a checklist methodology.


Learn how to configure various types of cross-references to allow your users to more easily navigate to and from related documents. The cross-references configured will be based on keywords, text and location.

Custom Queries Introduction

Create a Standard “by Document Type” Custom Query and learn about a lot of the configuration options along the way. You will also learn the basics about HTML Custom Queries.

Document Composition

Introduction to Document Composition. First you’ll see it in action, and then you’ll configure a template of your own.

Document Composition – Advanced Conditions

Create complex if-then logic within a Document Composition template. The Advanced Condition you create will evaluate many variables to determine which fragment will be placed in the document that you are creating.

Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance – User Lab

Learn about the benefits of Document Knowledge Transfer & Compliance through hands-on experience. This lab will also cover how to administer a test using Compliance Testing Administration.

Electronic Plan Review

Introduction to Electronic Plan Review for Government agencies and organizations that need to review construction and design plans and drawings. You will register for a plan review portal account, create a plan review project, submit plan documents for review, and learn about the interface and tools available for reviewers to perform detailed review and approval of plans and drawings.

Enterprise Search Experience - File Search, Workflow, Capture

Unlock the potential of your Perceptive Content solution without the dependencies of WebNow or the Full Client. The HTML5 user interface can take your solution to the next level and allow you to meet your customers at the intersection of usability and configuration.

Folders and File Cabinets

Learn about design concepts for Folders in OnBase, how to configure a folder solution that will mirror your current file cabinet and folder structure, and more.

Image Forms

Introduction to Image Forms configuration. You will add form controls and logic to an electronic image of a regulated paper form within the Forms Designer.

Interactive Data Capture

Gain hands-on experience with a tool designed to assist users manually indexing documents, making the process more efficient and more accurate.

Mailbox Importer

Install Mailbox Importer and configure a solution to automatically import emails and/or email attachments into OnBase when they match certain criteria. You will also learn how to set up importing for multiple email addresses and how to deactivate importing for an email address.

Outlook Integration

Learn about the benefits of Outlook Integration through hands-on experience. You will import documents, retrieve documents, separate a single document into two documents, use a Custom Query, use Workflow and Document Composition and send a document within OnBase from Outlook.

Redaction Configuration

First, walk through the process of manually adding a redaction – a way to block out a piece of sensitive information from being seen – in a solution that has already been configured for you. Then, you will learn how to configure a redaction solution from the beginning for a different solution.

Reporting Dashboards

View preconfigured Dashboards from the end user’s perspective, configure a Document Query Data Provider, create a new Dashboard, use the Dashboard Designer interface to add Dashboard Items to your Dashboard, and more.

RPM - Configure Policies and Holds

Apply retention practices to your content without all the hassle. Create automation around approval for destruction or for offline storage practices. Place systematic legal or audit holds with a click of a mouse.

ShareBase: OnBase Interaction

Learn how to add file sync and share to OnBase processes. You will learn how to share documents outside of OnBase automatically according to business rules, collaborate with external users and seamlessly add content back into OnBase.

Unity Forms – Part One

Introduction to Unity Forms configuration. You will add both keyword and non-keyword fields to a form, work with AutoFill Keyword Sets and Cascading Data Sets, and learn about line items, drafts, themes and publishing.

Unity Forms – Part Two

This lab picks right up where Unity Forms – Part One ended. Work with calculations and custom actions, and learn about security and attaching documents to forms.

Unity Forms – User Lab

Learn about the benefits of Unity Forms through hands-on experience. Learn how Unity Forms can populate important information, perform calculations, require information when appropriate, ask for additional information in certain cases, and more.

Unity Scheduler

Focus on the setup of a Unity Scheduler Workflow Timer within OnBase Studio. Then, you’ll move to the Unity Management Console, where you get to schedule the logic that was configured within OnBase Studio.

Workflow – Advanced

Learn about conditional routing, alerts, parallel and notifications. Use the power of multiple automated routing rule definitions to support your optimal workflows. Also increase awareness around service times in your business processes with alerts and notifications. See how our natural language configuration tool allows non-programmers to utilize these features easily.

Workflow – An Introduction – Part One

Begin creating a Life Cycle, used to automate an organization’s invoice approval process, and try out some of the great features in OnBase Studio.

Workflow – An Introduction – Part Two

This lab picks right up where Intro to Workflow – Part One ended. You will put some finishing touches on our Life Cycle to make it even better. Finally, you get to test your Life Cycle out in the Unity Client.

Workflow – Beyond the Basics

Learn about some administrative tools that will help you to start taking your Workflow knowledge to the next level. Topics addressed include Copying Life Cycles, Window Titles, the Compare To Tool, Item Generator, and more.

Workflow - Creation and Maintenance

Allow your content to work for you. Create digital workflows that enable your user community to gain insights into their processes.

Workflow Approval Management

Create Approval Roles, an Approval Process and Approval Queue in OnBase Studio. Then, you’ll move into the Unity Client and create the logic for the Approval Process. Finally, you will get to see the Approval Process you created in action.

Workflow Events

Learn how to trigger Workflow Logic when a certain event happens in your OnBase system, ensuring a consistent process to occur during these events. During this lab, you will apply Workflow Events to a variety of business processes.

Workflow: Formatted Notifications

Configure a Workflow Formatted Notification within Studio. Topics addressed include converting a plain text notification to a formatted notification, assigning a notification to a Workflow action, generating a test notification, and the setting up the Temporary File Cache required to send Formatted Notifications.

WorkView | Case Manager

This lab will focus on creating a basic WorkView | Case Management Application from scratch using OnBase Studio. You will also build the Views, Filters and Filter Bars associated with the Application, so you can enter sample data into the Application and view it.